ActionBuddy for Writer videos

Have a look at the feature videos below to see what ActionBuddy can offer you and help you become the writer you want to be.

Help Me Get Started Feature

If you are finding it difficult to create the outline for your fiction project or story, you can use the Help Me Get Started feature from ActionBuddy for Writers.

There are numerous story plots to get your creativity going and write a master piece!

Do Not Disturb Mode Feature

Focus on your writing by blocking out distractions with ActionBuddy for Writers.

When using the do not disturb mode you will be able to only focus on the writing task at hand.

Readability Scores Feature

How easy is it to read what you write?

You can get Flesch readability scores for all your writing projects as well as each task with the built-in readability score feature from ActionBuddy for Writers.

Export Project to Audio Feature

Want to create an audio version of your writing project?

With ActionBuddy for Writers you can export any project to a MP3 audio, with a selection of several different voices.

Media Library Feature

Sometimes you might need to reference an image in your writing, or you might want to add images to enhance your writing.

You can use the personal media library feature from ActionBuddy for Writers.

It is as easy as uploading your image and then referencing it in your writing using the markdown editor.