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Writer, Beat the Monster!

There is a dark forest. It's not a forest of trees, but of words and pages.

As a writer we're in this forest.

But in this forest lives a horrendous monster.

If you've started any writing project you will know this monster all too well.

It is a monster every writer will have encountered, no matter what you are trying to write.

It can destroy your confidence and dreams of writing.

Have you guessed what the monster is?


Yes, procrastination is a terrible monster!

It can kill your writing dream.

Your writing project is important to you, whether it's your next blog post, or your memoir, or a short story, but the monster is ever-present...

  • Netflix calls loudly
  • That football game has your attention
  • And what about your Facebook friends?

The next thing you know, an hour, or two (or more) have gone by...

...and you haven't written a word.

But You Still Have a Dream

You want to blog often.

You want to write regularly.

You want to finish your book.


That monster is always there...

Stopping you whenever you want to write.

If only you could write consistently, making progress towards finishing every writing project you start.

A Solution Awaits You


  • Obliterating the feeling of guilt
  • Wiping out anxiety
  • Killing the feeling of embarrassment

Now imagine...

  • Building a habit of consistent writing
  • Sharing your successes on your social networks
  • Receiving recognition and accolades for every success

You have a friend that can help you...

Archie from ActionBuddy for Writers!

Sectioned writing/reviewing

Sectional writing

Crush overwhelm and anxiety by focusing on small, workable pieces of writing. You'll be able to laser focus your writing.

Review written content

You can easily review or edit your written content.

Sectioned writing/reviewing
Scheduled reminders

Scheduled reminders

You never need to stress about checking your diary (or clock) again. You set a reminder (daily, weekly, or monthly) and forget it. Click the link in the reminder email, open ActionBuddy and start writing. No delays or disruptions.

Word count tracking

No need to keep checking your word count. You focus on your writing, and your words are counter automatically, and displayed on your dashboard.

Word count tracking
Time tracking

Time tracking

You can easily see how you're improving with time tracking turned on.

Progress awards

When you reach a milestone (e.g. finish a chapter) you're rewarded with a badge. You can then share these on social media, with the click of a button. And have friends congratulate and encourage you on your writing journey!

Progress awards

See ActionBuddy for Writers in action!

Beat Procrastination Forever!

Like you, we've wrestled with the procrastination monster, for months and even years.

It's a terrible feeling.

The further you fall behind, the harder it seems to become...

...days turn into weeks...

...weeks turn into months...

...and before you know it, it's been years!

Sound familiar?

If only you had someone who you could call on any time, who could help you stay focused.

Well, Archie from ActionBuddy for Writers is just that someone...

  • Focus on one writing project, one task at a time
  • Set reminders that work for you (and fit into your schedule): daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Never forget to write, and make consistent progress to finishing your writing project

All you do is create your FREE account, and you're ready to beat the procrastination monster!